Default deposit limit

As of 20 October 2022, the Belgian regulation imposes a default deposit limit of €200 per week. 

If you wish to turn off this default limit, you must submit a request via the deposit tab or via your player account settings and set your own weekly deposit limit.     

After 72 hours, your request will be automatically accepted, except for those known to be in default at the Central Consumer Credit Office who will keep the limit at €200 per week.

Frequently asked questions

I have turned off my default limit, but I can no longer deposit?

One of your personal deposit limits may have been reached. Check in your account settings or via the deposit tab

I had turned off my default limit before 20 October 2022 and I can no longer deposit?

The Royal Decree of 19 June 2022 requires that deposit limits be reset and reduced to €200 per week on all player accounts. Removing it requires an active request from you which can be made from 20 October 2022. You can make your request via the deposit tab or via your player account settings

I have a personal deposit limit higher than the default limit, but I can't deposit anymore?

The most restrictive deposit limit is always applied. If you haven’t requested that your deposit limit is turned off, it will remain in effect. This default limit will also remain in effect until the Gaming Commission approves your request or rejects it. 

My request to turn off the default limit has been denied and I don't understand why?

If the Gaming Commission has refused your request for the limit to be turned off, it is because you are listed as being in default of payment in the file of the Central Individual Credit Register of the National Bank of Belgium. 

To find out the reasons for this registration in the file, please go to the National Bank of Belgium website

Remember: so that the game remains a game, play responsibly.